Lemon Quartz and Multi-colored Tourmaline Earrings

$ 1,400.00
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Beautiful Beehive cut 26ct tw Lemon Quartz briolettes hang from hand-pinned clusters of yellow, green, and pink faceted tourmaline 4mm rondelles. In 14 K gold-filled. They hang 2 1/8" from bottom of earwires.

These earrings are an exquisite blend of elegance and charm, adorned with multi-colored tourmaline gemstones. Each color of tourmaline holds its own spiritual significance; the green tourmaline promotes healing and compassion, the pink tourmaline invites love and emotional healing, while the yellow tourmaline provides protection and grounding to the wearer. Together, these gemstones work harmoniously to bring balance and harmony to your spiritual self.

The addition of lemon quartz briolettes adds a touch of sophistication and uniqueness. Lemon quartz, with its bright and sunny hue, brings a spiritual infusion of positivity and clarity of thought. It is believed to bring joy, happiness, and renewed energy, while also fostering confidence and a sense of optimism.

Overall, these earrings are not only a testament to timeless beauty but also carry powerful spiritual energies. They can serve as a reminder of the importance of balance, positivity, and well-being in your spiritual journey, attracting compliments and positive energies wherever you go.