Amazonite, Apatite, Sapphire and Akoya Keshi Pearl Earrings

$ 545.00
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Introducing our exquisite Amazonite Marquise-shaped smooth polished briolette earrings, a true embodiment of elegance and charm. Handcrafted with passion and attention to detail, these earrings are a perfect fusion of natural beauty and artisan craftsmanship.

The centerpiece of these captivating earrings is the Amazonite gemstone, renowned for its stunning shades of tranquil blues and captivating green hues. Each marquise-shaped briolette has been carefully polished to a smooth, lustrous finish, reflecting the light in a mesmerizing dance of color.

Adding a touch of opulence and refinement, we have hand-pinned clusters of Apatite, Sapphire, and Akoya Keshi Pearls above the Amazonite gemstones. The Apatite gemstones, with their enchanting shades of blue and green, complement the Amazonite beautifully, creating an exquisite harmony of colors. The delicate Sapphire gems add a touch of timeless sophistication, while the Akoya Keshi Pearls lend an iridescent and ethereal touch, exuding a sense of femininity and grace.